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Concrete Works

New Concrete Installation and repairs:


  • Curb & Gutter

  • Sidewalks

  • Patios

  • Driveways

  • Access Ramps

  • Concrete slab lifting and leveling

  • Retaining Walls

Handicap Access Ramp
New Concrete Driveway
Sidewalk & Curb Repair
Concrete curb & gutter
Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

What Is Allan Block?

Allan Block (also known as retaining wall block) is a type of landscaping block used for a variety of purposes including: garden beds, terraced beds, retaining walls and walkways. Allan Block can be used to constrain volumes of soil or other earth-based materials to specific areas.The block pieces are sometimes referred to as “anchoring units”.

What Are the Most Common Allan Block Types?

Allan Block can be textured (with rough sides) or untextured (with smooth sides). It is stackable in a vertical manner either straight up and down or with a slight angle. High retaining walls greater than one block high are often angled inward to compensate for increased soil pressure during wetter periods.

In some cases, the desired area is on a slope and Allan Block is used to aid with stability, drainage and/or aesthetics (e.g. terraced beds). In other cases, if the desired area is on a flat surface, the property owner or manager can use Allan Block to create garden beds with low walls.

Concrete Lifting & Leveling

Concrete Leveling & Lifting

​Due to destabilization or settling of the ground underneath, concrete slabs can sink and crack. Alternative solution to excavation and replacement of the uneven and damaged concrete is concrete leveling and lifting. 

Traditionally, mudjacking, which is a method of injecting cement slurry through drilled holes, was industry standard. However, the weight of the cement base slurry often presented excessive weight to already stressed subbase. 


A newer process - Polyurethane Foam Injection is much less invasive as it requires few and smaller injection holes, and because of it's much lighter and durable molecular composition, it presents minimal weight addition to the ground. It's benefits are: 


  • Fast-acting: Reaches its final strength and is ready to support weight within 15 minutes

  • Noninvasive: Less messy than the mixture of concrete and mud used in mudjacking

  • Lightweight- Weighs 4-6 lbs. per cubic foot when installed, which is significantly less than the 120 lbs. per cubic foot as typical fill material

  • Waterproof – Cannot be washed out and is not affected by freeze and thaw cycles

  • Precise & Accurate Lift – foam reaction time provides target lifting operation

  • Environmentally friendly – Foam does not react with soil and does not release harmful chemicals

  • Polyurethane Foam Injection is backed with 5 year warranty. 

Concrete Lifting & Leveling


One Stop Road Maintenance

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